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Noteworthy Signatories

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Scott Hanselman
Author of multiple books on programming
CEO, InfoQ
Tom Chi
Co-created Google Glass
Fabien Potencier
Invented Symfony PHP framework
Alex Gaynor
Director, Python Software Foundation
Invented Bittorrent
Chris Richardson
Original Cloud Foundry founder
Rebecca Parsons
CTO, Thoughtworks
Salil Deshpande
Open Source Investing Titan
Wium Le
Invented CSS
Jon Skeet
#1 answerer on Stack Overflow for all topics
Ryan Bubinski
Founder of Codecademy
Janet Wiener
Software engineering at Facebook
Brian Fox
Invented GNU Bash Shell, maintained Emacs
Yehuda Katz
Core contributor to Ember.js/JQuery/Rails. Invented Handlebars
Chad Fowler
CTO, Wunderlist, well-known educator and blogger
Grady Booch
Created the Unified Modeling Language
CEO, Pluralsight
Kimber Lockhart
VP of Engineering at One Medical Group
Matei Zaharia
Invented Apache Spark
Java Champion
CEO, Appcelerator
CEO, Heroku
David Heinemeier Hansson
Creator, Ruby on Rails
Jay Garcia
Author of Sencha Touch In Action, and ExtJS in Action.
Grgur Grisogono
Co-author Ext JS in Action, Invented Flyleaf framework
Derek Collison
Founder and CEO of Apcera
Kushal Das
Python Software Foundation Director
Gloria Willadsen
CTO of iMentor

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  • Build the hack.pledge() community
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